Professional Nerd, Dog Lover, Home Chef.

Since you're here for the first part, I'll focus on that.

It started with Lance Bass.

I've been fiddling around with the internet for a long time. As a 12 year-old American girl I was a hardcore NSYNC fan. Not satisfied with having only the requisite posters on my wall, I had a website devoted to my favorite member, Mr. Lance Bass. My adoration for the blonde with the deep voice lead me to learning HTML and CSS, which is a totally normal thing for a teenager, right?

Admittedly, I was doomed to be a nerd before boybands. My earliest memories are of booting 1989's All Dogs Go to Heaven in MS-DOS. Later, my brother and I would play hours of Doom (mostly me) and Microsoft Flight Simulator (mostly him). These days he's an airline pilot but I've turned my attention to software that doesn't involve fighting hordes from Hell.


How I learned to be awesome.

The early years

Sacred Heart High School and Bridgewater State. Thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Didn't want it enough to pay for it. Still love Legally Blonde.
(Musical > Film, do not @ me.)

The front lines

Waited tables. Went by "Scotty." Learned my earliest and most profound lessons about customer service and performing under pressure. Got asked to beam people up a lot. Doodled spaceships on their checks.

The rocket ships

Found my way to Wayfair and then HubSpot. Helped hundreds of clients solve their biggest challenges with furniture and software. Read everything I could get my hands on and got hands-on with growing two innovative businesses.

Went to the dogs

Started my own dog walking business. Learned and taught basic behavior modification for canines (and humans too). Loved hanging with pups all day but there's only so much dog poop someone needs to see in their life.

What's it mean for you?

My "Luv-4-Lance" has turned into a love for helping businesses solve their problems with online solutions. Over the years I've learned to work with all sorts of software and how critical the right operations are for growing a company.

I understand how baffling software and digital marketing can be. I'm here to guide you through it. 

Being a "professional nerd" means I'm deeply interested in understanding the unique needs of your business and making the tools available to manage and promote it work effortlessly for you and your team.

You're proud of the results you deliver your customers. Do more of that instead of spending your time fighting the software that's supposed to help you grow. 

Schedule a free 30-minute call with me today and we'll talk about what's slowing you down. Let's tease some actionable goals out of your problems and where my services fit. I promise, no pushy sales pitch, just a clear roadmap of how having a go-to gal for all things tech can work for your business.

Stop cursing at your computer. 

Book a call today and keep your donations to the swear jar.