Professional Nerd, Forest Gnome, Home Design Enthusiast.

Let's focus on that first part.

Whatever thought these glasses invoke - that.

Well, in summary:

Problem solver for marketing, sales, and customer service operations. Self-starting, big-picture thinker with an eye for every detail. Pivots quickly. Fails and learns fast. Runs towards fires. Confident decision-maker and pragmatic cheerleader. Taurus sun, Gemini moon, Libra rising, with all of the strong opinions that implies. Also, is quite funny.

Quick CV.


Searching for a high performing team solving real problems for real people needing a HubSpot know-it-all to take their work to the next level. Hire me!


Dragos, Marketing Operations Specialist

HubSpot, Principal Customer Support Specialist
HubSpot, Senior Technical Support Engineer
HubSpot, Technical Support Engineer

Wayfair, Supplier Implementation Liaison
Wayfair, Customer Service Representative

Old Navy, Store Marketing Operations Manager

Certifications/Formal Edu.

7 HubSpot Certifications (and counting)
Google IT Support Professional
Bridgewater State College University - B.A., Political Science/Communication Studies, 2009

I took a break between HubSpot and Dragos to run my own pet care business and train dogs. It was great for a few years but it turns out I prefer the more predictable outcomes of technology. (And scooping 100% less poop.)

I do miss these pups, though.

Dog Collage

My ideal workplace... a growing start-up about to blast into the next level; B round through D is the place for me. I love big ideas and ideals. Making life easy for business leaders and employees fulfills me like nurturing yet another nearly-dead discount plant back to life. (That's not a growth metaphor, ya girl was big on indoor foliage way before it was cool.)

I crave work environments where I can use my entrepreneurial aptitude and software skills to drive big results and maximize the return on investing in technology while not taking myself too seriously. It's not easy being cheesy. 

Am I your unicorn?

Let's talk.