Hi. I'm Kait Scott.

I'm a professional nerd helping startups grow with software.

I grew up geeky and went pro in my career. Years on technical support frontlines and revenue operations teams have refined a superhuman ability to bend technology to my will. 

  • HubSpot power user since 2012.
  • Learns (mostly) everything from YouTube + trial & error.
  • Support class human and gamer. 
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Areas of Exceptional Nerdery

Website Management

I'm a unique blend of inbound marketer and web developer. No CMS scares me, not even the code-y bits.

Revenue Operations

Automation and integration operations for every department, from demand gen to customer success.


Value-first focus (and precision proofreading) to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

The only thing I love more than a 20 oz. Yeti of hot hazelnut coffee every morning?

Building cool stuff to grow businesses online.

It all began with a love for Lance Bass.


I built my first website in 1998 in tribute to NSYNC's sultry bass singer who could barely dance. Who could have known that pre-teenage devotion would set me on the path to some of the biggest tech organizations in the world? 

Learn more about me →

(If you chose Backstreet Boys in the boyband wars, I'm sorry but we just won't be able to work together.)

"Kait has a big heart and her compassion for supporting and caring for others is infectious."

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Angela Hicks
Director of Education and Training | TapClicks

Rocket ships I've crewed.


Not seeking new opportunities.

But if a new one comes chasing me, I don't run that fast.